Margaret's Millinery and Dressmaking
I'm a professional seamstress with over 10 years experience in
machine and hand sewing. I am also a milliner, which means I
specialize in making historically accurate hats and bonnets.  

I enjoy history and research, and I try to make my period costumes
as historically accurate as possible while still staying on a budget.  
However, not all my costumes are historical, as I do and can make
costumes for Halloween, Mardi Gras, and other modern occasions.  

I currently serve the Galveston-Houston area of Texas, although I
can make costumes for those out of the area.  I most often make
costumes for clients who attend Dickens on The Strand and the
Texas Renaissance Festival.  However, if you do not see a type of
costume listed, please feel free to contact me, as these are just a few
examples of what I can do and what I have done in the past.
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Please contact
me by e-mail:
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new projects this

Since I have been receiving so many e-mails from potential clients, I have
decided to take on a new assistant - my mom, Diana Vallas! She has been
sewing for over 40 years, and has made numerous costumes for her nieces,
nephews, and of course, myself! (I have 3 trunks at home FULL of costumes
she made for me as a kid!) If it weren't for her, I wouldn't be in the business!

Also please give a warm welcome to a good friend of mine, Teri Masone, who
will also be my assistant!

Please keep in mind that summer is THE BEST time to get your
custom-made costume made!  I am a teacher, so it is difficult to get items
finished on a timely basis during the school year.  Please do not wait
last-minute, as I will accept new projects to my discretion during the school
year - especially the fall, as I am busy going to The Texas Renaissance
Festival, Oni-Con, and Dickens on the Strand.

I accept cash, money orders, and PayPal.  I also accept checks, but they
must clear before receiving the item.

Note to long-distance clients: Since I cannot be there to measure you, it is
your responsibility to send me accurate measurements.  The more accurate
they are, the better your costume will fit.
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