For Sale!
15th Century Butterfly Hennin

I wanted to explore 15th century hats last summer, and ended up creating this one.  Sad
thing is, I found out it's just too hot to wear it to TRF, as it can easily be 90 degrees.  I
have no other reason to keep it, so I decided it best to save room in my closet for things I
can wear.  Only worn once, and not for very long!

The hat is made for an adult-size head, with a black velvet fillet to keep it from slipping
back (included).

I took about 20 hours creating a diamond effect with the faux pearls - completely
freehand, using no pattern or lines on the fabric.  

I used a coat hanger to keep the veil up, using a white tape to try to disguise it as much
as possible.  The veil is made of 100% silk organza, which has a nice crisp feel and folds
nicely without going limp.  

The base of the hat is a golden (non-metallic) satin.

The hat is fully boned to keep its weight.  It has been sitting on the foam head for a year
now, and is still as strong as the day I made it.

For sale for $200 plus shipping.  Please e-mail me at     
*Fillets come with each of the
hats listed for sale here.  A
fillet is a NECESSARY
medieval item which was
made of black velvet, with a
loop over the center front.  
This is to keep the heavy
hennin from slipping back -
and when it does, the loop is
handy as a way to pull it back
into place.
Also for sale...
Child's Hennin

This is made of black satin with a 100% silk organza veil.  The veil may have excess
length, which can be cut to size, as every child is different.  It can be safety pinned for
modern convenience, or sewn into place.  

Includes fillet and a trim of your choice at the base of the hat.

$30 + cost of trim (if over $5) + shipping

Please e-mail me at
Other Hats (Not For Sale)
Men's 15th Century

Made of black cotton.  This
type of stuffed hat was very
popular in the mid-15th
century, and was worn by
many upper-class gentlemen.  
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